Location References

Ancestral Hall

Knowing that Yin used to live in a small village, the ancestral hall wouldn’t be too extravagent.

Luckily, I was able to find some images of people using the ancestral hall, it seems like a place for big gatherings, as well.


Style Inspiration References

Since Yin is ethnically Chinese, I think Chinese art forms would be appropriate for this project.

As it’ll be animated, I’ll arrange a simpler version of these art forms.

Chinese Paper Cutting

-Red paper (Red is symbolism for luck)
-Lines touches each other
-Outline and fill base, use of shadow is unlikely

Chinese Paintings


-Rough and strong brush strokes
-Watercolour on sumi paper
-little use of colours

I’ve also thought of using simple line animation, which could accentuate her rough life and  hardship, as well as her old age appearance.

Continuous line



-Kazuhiko Okushita
-single line strokes

From these images, I tried out different styles in a small piece of paper