Animatic #1
Showing this animatic to others, those that understood Cantonese found it was well paced and interesting. On the contrary, when showing it to others that don’t know the language, they told me that the pacing is too fast and it’s difficult to follow the subtitles as it’s all over the place, I could try spacing it out more, too, so that it’s not too overbearing with information.

Animatic #3
To help me space out between sentences, I was recommended to add sound effects so it’ll be easier to pace the film, as well as to establish atmosphere for the scenes even without Yin’s monologue. I also added 2 scenes with what I wanted my finalised aesthetic to be like. The pacing is still too fast, as I wanted to convey the story within 3 minute span; but in case I needed the film longer, I kept a simple style so I know I can keep the quality of animation can stay consistent even if I made the film longer.

As the film goes straight to Yin’s story telling, the setting and atmosphere wasn’t well established, which can be fixed if I add a small opening and ending scene the wraps the stories together. In order to pace the film better, I was recommended to try setting the audio up first before adding the images in, and vise versa, just to get the flow for audiences’ better viewing experience. With the finalised look, it was recommended to keep it simple to  keep the style consistent, and make the subtitles easy to read.

Animatic #5

Adding a rough opening and ending/credit sequence, it allows the audience to slowly immerse themselves into the film rather than getting too much shock value in the beginning, which could be confusing and distracting to those that’s relying on the subtitles.

I had problems with the audio being too low, and I need to learn to balance audio, a good tips given to me was to watch the film without headphones, as the audiences will be listening through speakers in cinemas. The film still need spacing out, I find spacing out very difficult as I’ve been editing from tvpaint footages to premiere, I still find it very difficult to get the right amount of space between sentences while allowing the audiences to read the subtitles. I was also told to keep the freehand line aesthetic, as it gives a more familiar feeling rather than robotic, such as the intro sequence and the ‘paper cut out’ aesthetic scenes.

Final Edit #1

I finalised bits of the animation, adjust the compositions, and changed the timing a little. When watching it with the big screen and stereo I got a better feel of timing for the big screen and how bland my sound design is right now, so I should try to play with interesting sounds and panning for my final version.

This time, I got a fresh eye feedback, and was told to keep the film’s focus clearer and more concise, such as cutting out background story that didn’t add to actual story, add distinction to scenes using ambience noises and changing the way my film begins and end.

Full Animatic 1, 2, 3, 4


The Audio and animation still needs more space, so the audience can relax and let the information sink in. Sound designing is weak and unbalanced.

perhaps try animating without the audio, and see how it read out without the audio distractions? Vocal Audio is slightly choppy, would a slight fade out and fade in help smooth it out?